《Extra Credits》汇总


Do you want more from your games?
Do you want to know how games are designed, built and produced?
Do you want your games to leave you with something more when you walked off your screen?

We are Extra Credits and we believe that games matter.
We talk about how we can build better games, how games can be used not only as entainment, but for education, politics, even medicine.
We talk about game community, about game schools, game companines and the business of making games.

If it that sounds good to you, then join us each week for Extra Credits.
Because games matter.

《Extra Credits》系列是国外很有名的一个关于游戏分析的节目。一般每周都会以轻松幽默的讲座方式来分析关于游戏的一些问题。



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